Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazarus is charged - pages 84-85

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Act II, part ii

The mythology of this story is revealed a little more as Jesus visits Bethany days before he is betrayed by Judas in Lazarus is Charged.

Struggling with jet lag and his professional relationship with Howard, Casey looks to make necessary changes in Why'd you do it?

Going against their best instincts, the team continues to follow Escutcheon. Check it out at Lazarus is poisoned.

Escutcheon finally reveals some answers for Dr. Bolam and Dr. Miller in Hell, it was 1972.

Straight from the new testament, the Sadducee's motives become more clear in John 11.

Miller delivers news that the expedition is over for one of his colleagues, without realizing his entire team's future is in jeopardy in Wing and Prayer.

Dr. Starkwood calls off Bolam's quest after agreeing to return the Relic to the rabbis in Absolutely Rabbi.

The aftermath from Mugabe's sabotage takes its toll in Four if by sea.

The Sadducees cast Lazarus and the Christians away after Christ's death in Banished.

Teaser - Something special
Ian Escutcheon reveals that there's something special still at the Tomb of Lazarus, despite all that he's told our party of explorers in Something special

Teaser - St. Lazarus's Church
The team need to find a way into the sub-basement of St. Lazarus's Church in Lanarka.

Evelyn continues to distract the workers while Bolam, Escutcheon and Miller explore further in Uncovering the Tomb.

Dr. Escutcheon elaborates on a new painful chapter of Lazarus's journey in Suffered for the Faith 2.

Dustin Mugabe catches up to the team, and Dr. Escutcheon fears the worst in Sadducees in Cyprus.

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