Saturday, April 9, 2011

Act II

Evelyn tries to soothe Miller while he feels pressure from the consequences from his actions. read more at Enjoy the ride.

Dr. Darrell Starkwood looks to strike back at Dr. Miller. Read more at My taxes pay your salary.

Evelyn asks about the legend of Lazarus to take his mind off of their situation. Read more at Trapped in an airplane.

Dr. Starkwood suspects that Barnum Mantell might not have the museum's best interests in mind in I Don't Trust those Lazy Bastards.

Evelyn and Dr. Miller disembark their flight to face whatever consequences Dr. Starkwood has put in place for them in Just a little escape.

Dr. Casey Miller and Evelyn rent a car and head out to intercept Dr. Howard Bolam from meeting with the mysterious archaeologist Ian Escutcheon who sent them the relic of Lazarus in Stretch my legs.

Dr. Howard Bolam finally catches up with Ian Escutcheon, but their meeting is cut short by an devastating interruption in Why, what happened in there?

Dr. Casey Miller, Dr. Howard Bolam and Evelyn escape from an unknown assailant in Escape from M____.

Dr. Casey Miller confronts Dr. Howard Bolam for everything that's happened to him so far in You son of a bitch, Bolam!

The directors of the mysterious murderer chasing Evelyn, Casey and Howard is revealed to be Dustin Mugabe by his directors in Damnit Mugabe.

Dr. Miller, Dr. Bolam and Evelyn return to Escutcheon's office in search of a new direction in Call the office.

Taking the story to the mid-way mark, Ian Escutcheon leads our team into the unknown in pursuit of his theories, but they haven't shaken their dangerous enemy yet in No Signal.

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