Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming soon

Read all about it - from concept design to drafting the script - Tomb of the Undead. . . Coming soon!

Here's the finished copy of the original scene I'd posted - see the similarities? This scene is from the beginning of Scene 2 - called "The wind up and the pitch."

Here's another teaser pic of what the upcoming scene could be about - of course this sort of gets to the crux of the scene right away, rather than leading you up to it. Of course, lots more good stuff happens through the scene, too.

Here's a teaser pic for the beginning of Scene five, titled "No guts, no glory." Check the scene out!

Teaser pic for scene 6, though it's scene 5 in the first draft of the script, which I mis-titled this when I uploaded the image. I tend to agree with your partner.
Teaser pick for the ninth scene called You're a Snake. It's only two pages long - I wonder if these little snapshots from each of the scenes are adding up to give a cartoon progression of the first act? I imagine that it should - though I also hope that they don't spoil the storyline - and I don't think they do, too much, if at all.

Here's the teaser for the tenth scene, Stealing Hope. Check out the first page where there's a great (I think it's great, anyhow) Shamwow! parody.
Here's the teaser for Sent from Marseilles. I think there have been some antagonists leading up to this point, but I finally introduce two characters who will serve as the official antagonists for the overarching narrative of the story. No doubt, Howard Bolam and Darrell Starkwood aren't exactly "good guys," but they're more selfish than antagonistic. I think you'll enjoy these new characters.

Here's the teaser for Barney's Recon where Casey gets moved along toward entering into the second act. There's only a few more things to instigate him forward, and then we're into the exciting world of Act II.
Here's the teaser for My Name is Scam where Casey is compelled to stay put and not go to Marseilles, as well as escape to France with Evelyn. I hated drawing the arrivals board.
Click for Act II, part i

Click for Act II, part ii

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