Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tomb of the Undead

Welcome to Tomb of the Undead -- it's almost 200 pages of a prequel to a story I have yet to write! I wrote the back story to legitimize the universe I so desperately wanted to create. It was also an opportunity to hone my skills (somewhat) before jumping into the project I wanted to write. It took years to get the prequel complete, but it was a labour of love, and I'm very proud of it. If you've come to visit - - take the time to check it out.

* Scan to the Bottom of the Page to see the latest news on the story!

Act 1 -- the story starts at Talking Heads, True Stories.

Act II, pt. i resumes Dr. Miller's adventure beginning with Enjoy the Ride.

Act II, pt. ii where the story mythology unfolds and the tension ramps up in Lazarus is Charged.

Act III -- the story races to the finish beginning with Last Stop.

Latest News
Here's a teaser / title page for the upcoming installment of this story. (*May 9, 2014)

Here's a link to a few pages on a blog site I'm not likely going to use - - but the test pages are up just to get a bit of copy complete. You're welcome to have a peek and let me know what you think of it so far. The big important part that's different from Tomb of the Undead that you'll notice right away -- there's COLOUR!

I was hording back-pages before I began to share the initial artwork until I had the beastie ready ... now he's made an appearance, I'm eager to see what people think.

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